Leftist regime evangelicals “preaching” the emasculation of the man.

Sissy spined, soft peddling, milk toasted Big Eva compromisers, heretics, or both.

Big Eva

6 steps Big Eva uses to claim they are not  ashamed of The Gospel. -Right Response

  1. What war? (Beth Moore)
  2. The War hasn’t started (David French)
  3. Ok, the war started but it’s too early to fight (Kevin DeYoung)
  4. It’s too late to fight (Russell Moore)
  5. We win by losing (Andy Stanley)
  6. We fight back once we are in the gulag, hoping for a cell with a window. (Ligon Duncan)

What is Big Eva?



Andy Stanley  
Bart Barber
Beth Moore

David French

David Platt  
Francis Chan
Ed Setzer  

JD Greear  

John Walton

Matt Chandler  

Matthew J Hall  

NT Wright  

Max Lucado

This picture says is all.

Russell Moore .

Timothy Keller  

William Lane Craig

Rick Warren

Kevin DeYoung showing the mood at the Reformed Theological Seminary is to lob grenades.

Ligon Duncan
The more we learn about Big Eva compromisers, the more we see why transgender story-time is actually a thing in culture..



  Deceptive Marxism 


Katherine Krick
5f Church

Big Eva Leftists

Big Eva

  1. Fast to comment on crime by white people
    • Believes all white people have a racist sub-conscience.
  2. Soft on sin. 
    • Harsh on those calling out sin, to the point of calling the person holding to sin as defined in the Bible as sinful.
  3. Does not call out LGBTQ+
    • Revoice supporter
    • Sees Christians that point to God’s righteousness as harsh
    • Paints themselves as the nice guy
  4. Soft on abortion
    • Look down on abortion protests
  5. Talking points align to the left
    • Critique Conservatives harshly
    • Wildly Accuse Christian Nationalists wanting a return to Christian values as wanting a Protestant pope.
    • Support any government mandates
    • Against death penalty


 = Does not believe Genesis is History.

 = Hyper-Ecumenicalism, many paths to God, universalism

= Charismatic, Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel or supports people in these circles.

  = LGBTQ, Democrat social justice and or CRT/DEI, soft on sin,  “speak softly of” a group that is ultimately militant. 

 = Globalist, Supports Francis Collins

= Soft on sin of abortion or odd reaction to Roe v Wade overturn, spreading leftist propaganda.

 = For gun control over law enforcement

* = Wokes that appear to be doing an about face.