Queen Bee of Big Eva – Proof the SBC values good looks over doctrine.

Beth Moore has made a lifestyle from the name it claim it philosophy.  She talks to God, hears special revelation from God and attacks orthodox Christianity regularly.  A pretty faced wolf.

Michelle Lesly on the woke Beth

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Beth on hot pants in Church

CARM breaking down Beth’s exegetical errors

Beth’s support for those that are abortion and LGBTQ+ supporters

Ardent CRT Proponent 

Beth recommends checking your Christianity at the door.

Fight for Truth




Fight for Truth

Beth Moore and LGBTQ+ / Not even with a 10′ poll


Big Eva

  1. Fast to comment on racial crimes
  2. Critiquing others for to not being accepting of others
    • Racist subconscious / CRT
  3. Does not call out LGBTQ+
    • Revoice supporter
    • Sees Christians that point to God’s righteousness as harsh
    • Paints themselves as the nice guy
  4. Soft on abortion
    • Look down on abortion protests
  5. Talking points align to the left
    • Critique Conservatives harshly
    • Acuse conservatives as being Christian Nationalists
    • Support any government mandates
    • Against death penalty


Real Talk

MMMMM-Mumbo JJJJJ-Jumbo.

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Fight for Truth

Beth hides behind false accusations and false conspiracies that attempt to mask her own unrighteous beliefs.  Typical tactic of liberals.



Beth, a leftist on gun control too.



Beth is a Democrat Globalist and I believe she has no idea they are using her.