LifeWay platforms a plethora of false teachers and has for decades.  I cancelled my membership and so should you, until they make changes and re-align with the SBC Baptist Faith and Message.





The following would be a good start in spring cleaning at LifeWay.

LifeWay has become the platform for false women teachers who then fuel the “debate” (intentionally or unintentionally) over “women pastors”.  The SBC would go a long way toward re-establishing orthodoxy if they shut down LifeWay, and sold their assets to an orthodox seminary or teaching institution like IOPT.  The SBC must get back to orthodoxy or they will turn into the below examples of unorthodoxy.  Well, they are 50%-60% there now.  May I commend this link to alternative book stores.  

  1. Russell MooreMoore left a category 5 path of destruction in the wake of his SBC departure with secret emails that appeared out of nowhere, right before the SBC convention.  And like a master politician, convinced the SBC body to destroy the institution with liberal wokeness.  Guidepost, a known woke institution, was called in to make judgments over the SBC. Good grief.   Much of what ails the SBC now are figurative land mines he and others strategically placed before leaving.  It was one time bomb after another, with Moore appearing on every leftist outlet out pushing the next detonation. If you want to know why the SBC is on fire, it was leftist marxists like Moore who were moving the SBC left, and got caught.  And still LifeWay sells his stuff. 
  2. Beth MooreBeth is the reason I left LifeWay.  She denigrated every orthodox preacher out there on the way out, and like her twin, Russell Moore, torched the place.  What a way to leave the organization that made you a millionaire.  But hey, LifeWay still platforms her so she can live on her ranch and make X posts about her dog.  Absolutely incredibly crazy.
  3. Andy Stanley – Poster child for the unorthodox, Andy.
  4. Kelly Minter – Recommended by Beth Moore, and that should be enough. Kelly.
  5. Priscilla Shirer – There are no doctrinal guardrails at LifeWay, Priscilla
  6. TD Jakes404 Error, hurray, no longer on LifeWay
  7. Lysa TerKeurst – A member of Steven Furtick’s Elevation, need I say more?  Lysa.
  8. Sarah Young – Maybe the worst thing at LifeWay at the moment as Sarah fuels other young women in unorthodoxy.  Jesus Calling.
  9. Christine Caine – Her list of false teacher associations is almost endless.  Christine.
  10. Bethel Music404 Error, hurray, no longer on LifeWay
  11. Jesus Culture404 Error, hurray, no longer on LifeWay
  12. Hillsong404 Error, hurray, no longer on LifeWay
  13. JD Greear – If there is one thing we learned about JD, he is all in on woke.  He has divided the SBC into the woke camp and orthodox camp. JD
  14. Ed Stetzer – Might be a distant relative of JD, at least the marxist branch of the family tree.  Ed.