Former SBC Leader Setting the Christian Orthodox World On Fire



Slashes right with a knife and coddles the left in pillows and a cradle.  Card carrying woke democrat.

God & Country Marxist Propaganda Film Fame

Evangelical Dark Web

Russell Moore, false religionist fully exposed buddy of heretic Francis Collins.

Russell Moore, Pagan Leftist Nationalist 


Only talks with liberals

Moore Loses his Religion


Right Response

Liberal Brothers


Right Response

Marxist Moore

Conversations that Matter

The False Gospel of an SBC leader.

Fight for Truth

Blames abortion on Christians  

Doctrinal Watchdog

Says Trump voters are demon possessed

Right Response

Russell Moore: A Devoted Christian Nationalist

Conversations that Matter

Ideolog Theorist vs Populist

Russel Moore, sacrificing the country and real people over being a globalists friend for power by using theoretical intellectualism against God’s people.

Blog & Mablog

Russel Moore, on a mission to convert Christianity today to Christianity Destroyed.  Emails of what is going on with the liberals at the SBC, a leftist liberal.