Evil in Sheep’s Clothes

Not only a heretic, but founded a completely heretical organization, Biologos.   His evils include funding the harvest of human tissue from aborted fetus’, to fully LGBTQ+ and CRT supporter, to funding the Wuhan lab, and finally after the discovery of all this is appointed as Science Advisor to Biden.   Leftists and evil doers go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Caught in lies and funded harvesting of human fetal tissue, this false religionist is celebrated by so many.  A heretic and disgrace to humanity.

Wuhan coverup, Trump vindicated.  There simply is no ammunition left to defend Fouche’s tangled web of lies.  And what did his boss Francis Collins do in response?  Nothing, because he was in on it.

Heartless too

Francis Collins is Bad News

Proof – Collins was in on it

Deep state, what are they doing?  Maybe trying to lower the earths population by 50%?  Collins = Thanos.

Wake up Christians!!  This is evil.  This guy harvested fetal tissue from abortions and wanted us to trust him on getting a shot.

Are you kidding me George?   George is a leftist, who knew?  Not me, I voted for him!  Who knew we were still moving left, just slightly slower than democrats take us.

See the Endorsements Yourself

Evil does not begin to describe Collins.

False religionists masquerading as Christians that love Collins:

  • Rick Warren
  • Tim Keller
  • Gabe Lyons
  • Russel Moore
  • CBN
  • Curtis Chang
  • NT Wright
  • Ed Setzer