The Deep State and Big Eva Connection

Who was Francis Collins?  Anthony Fauci’s Boss!!

Not only a heretic, but founded a completely heretical organization, Biologos.   His evils include funding the harvest of human tissue from aborted fetus’, to fully LGBTQ+ and CRT supporter, to funding the Wuhan lab, and finally after the discovery of all this is appointed as Science Advisor to Biden.   Leftists and evil doers go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Caught in lies and funded harvesting of human fetal tissue, this false religionist is celebrated by so many.  A heretic and disgrace to humanity.

Wuhan coverup, Trump vindicated.  There simply is no ammunition left to defend Fouche’s tangled web of lies.  And what did his boss Francis Collins do in response?  Nothing, because he was in on it.

Heartless too

Francis Collins is Bad News

Proof – Collins Was In On It
The deep state, what are they doing?  

Collins = Thanos.


Rick Warren, big eva and gumet in bed. Rick trust gumet over Scripture.  Repent Rick!
Wake up Christians!!  This is evil.  This guy harvested fetal tissue from abortions and wanted us to trust him on getting a shot.
Ed Stetzer and Francis Collins all in on men being women.  
Francis all in on PRIDE too, and Ed knows it!!
George Bush had no discernment to the Deep State, or did he? Here he praises Collins, the heretic that approved of using abortion parts.
Hey George, if Stephen the apostate lauds over Collins, along with countless other libs, what should that tell you?

Other Love Notes

False religionists that love Collins:

  • Rick Warren
  • Tim Keller
  • Gabe Lyons
  • Russel Moore
  • CBN
  • Curtis Chang
  • NT Wright
  • Ed Setzer

This is SATANIC!  Francis Collins going all in for satan.

Woke Preacher Clips

Approved funds while at the NIH to purchase harvested fetal organs.  





NT Wright joins the heretic in a “hymn” about evolution being in the Bible.
A Christian response to Biologos. All of Collins heresies are undergirded by one thing, evolution.  This guy is evil and anyone that trusts him is either evil or not a Christian..  

Woke Preacher Clips

Rick Warren with apostate Francis Collins at none other than the WEF.  Guys, Rick Warren is dangerous.