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No longer orthodox, Big Eva aligns with the leftist mob.  The Big Eva Pagan Leftist Nationalists in bed with the pagan government deep state.  This research is iron clad, irrefutable and scary. Click all the links and you will know the truth.  Yet, God is in control and will wipe this unrighteousness from the face of the earth on consumation day.   

Big Eva Exploits The Faithful To “Empathize” With The Faithless (Go to 9:58 in The video)

American Family News summary article

The Daily Wire investigation of collusion of Big Eva with an evil government

Why do they do it?

  • To curry favor in a world that continues to move left.
  • To protect publishing house contracts that may not publish your work unless you move left.
  • They are not fully grounded in truth and are ashamed of The Gospel and need to soften it to be like in the culture.
  • They may not be regenerated and are goat herders.
Topic DNC Deep State Big Eva friends of the Deep State RNCs Last Stand
CRT Yes – Endless Racism Yes – Endless Racism in the Church Unbiblical. Stands strong against.
LGBTQ Yes – Fully Supports Yes – Partial to full support of baptizing and marrying LGBTQ Unbiblical. Strongly against, but weakening. 
Child Sex Transition Yes – Fully Supports They don’t know what to do so they are silent. Unbiblical. Horrified and stands strong against. 
Origins You came from a monkey, androgyny is the next evolutionary step.

Evolution – Trust only secular atheist scientists interpretation of data.

Creation – Trusts Biblical history.  Backed by more evidence than the evolutionist can dream of.
Vaccinations Forced if necessary Yes – Supports DNC strategies Freedom to make health choices. 
Gun Control Yes – Right down to confiscation. Yes – Supports DNC strategies. Freedom per the Constitution
DEI Yes – A power play Yes – Because it is fair Unbiblical. Opportunity based on merit.

Allie Beth Stuckey

Well Said Allie..The men have gotten so undiscerning, we need the women to step in. Sooo sad.

Doctrinal Watchdog

Big Eva Gone Wild

Right Response Ministries

Big Eva Epidemic…



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A clear picture has now emerged to understand Big Evangelicalism.  Liberals at heart, they have no Christian doctrine and therefore follow the satanic political policies above.   As a result, they have become mouthpieces for satan, that misuse quotes from the Bible to confuse and change meanings.  Common among the Wolfpack of Big Eva false teachers on our list is the following:

  • Most openly believe in evolution over God’s account in Genesis.
    • This is the root that manifests in various heresies.  Once you start replacing verses of the Bible, the entire Bible is up for grabs.  This is the trick of satan since the garden of eden, “did God really say?”  The Wolfpack has decided, no God did not say what is in the Bible.
  • Fast to comment on racial crimes of white people
  • Slow to never commenting on racial crimes of people other than white (their rage is justified)
  • Critiquing white conservatives for not being accepting of others, with the insinuation being:
    • White racist subconscious would be realized by those whites using CRT
    • Accepting of LGBTQ+ sin as normal and ok
      • Revoice supporters
      • Sees Christians that point to God’s righteousness as harsh
      • Paints themselves as the nice guy
      • Baptizing LGBTQ
      • Letting LGBTQ become teachers and preachers
  • Soft on abortion
    • Look down on abortion protests
  • Talking points align to the left
    • Critique Conservatives harshly
    • Acuse conservatives as being Christian Nationalists
    • Support any government mandates
    • Against death penalty
    • Does not critique sin of leftists, people other than white, or LGBTQ+
  • Ignoring the wildfire of pedophilia that has taken the culture
    • Silent on the drag queens being allowed to read story time to children in schools and public libraries, while at the same time blocking Christians from reading Christian books for story time.

Francis Collins, Anthony Fauci and the Big Eva Connection

When we compare The Big Eva and the pagan religionists list, a clear pattern emerges.  But, it is more than a pattern.

  • Big Eva and the Pagan Religion Nationalists agreed with each other as follows:
    • Closing Churches during Covid.
    • Forced Covid shots.
    • Censoring and shaming those with different opinions about Covid and its origin.
      • Collins and Fauci worked together to punish anyone they could with the maximum force of the totalitarian government if they spoke for Trump, against Biden, or against their Covid lie.
    • Against abortion publicly, but either silent or supportive of the funding Collins used at the NIH to harvest human fetal tissue.
    • Denied Covid came from a Wuhan lab.  (Later found to be a lie and Big Eva is silent).  Collins directly funded Wuhan with NIH money.
    • All in for LGBTQ “rights” and Big Eva false religionists such as Tim Keller say if the government approves anything, the Church is obligated to go along.  
      • This is an example of the Big Eva and pagan religionist leftist connection.  
        • The Wolfpack of false teachers wants the bureaucrats to pass laws so they can obfuscate any culpability.  This is sinister and from satan.  This is the totalitarian communist technique.  
    • All in for the rights of children to declare their own sexual choice.
    • Collins used his position at NIH to fund Covid research that got out into the wild, LGBTQ+, transgenderism, and CRT.  Doesn’t this sound like the Big Eva Wolfpack?