Our condolences to the Keller’s in the loss of Timothy, May 19 2023.

At the same time we hope he is in heaven, down here on earth we still contend for the truth of scripture, of which, we strongly disagreed with Timothy’s doctrines.  As he did not repent of his false doctrines and uplifting of false religionists, he will always be on the Big Eva naughty list.

This is what I tell people that don’t regard scripture as written to be truth but rather take man’s word and replace some of God’s Word:

One day we will both stand before the creator and either say, I believed your word as written or I believed your word mostly and I reinterpreted some of it.  I wonder if the God that created the universe and holds it in His hands can get Genesis right?  Or was God just sloppy with His word in some areas and accurate in others?  I am glad I am on the side of believing scripture as authoritative because I cannot think of a single scenario where I am in a bad position doctrinally with the father.

Timothy appeared to be a card carrying Democrat pushing the “urban mandate” and a lot of woke ideology which says, bring in the world to your church and change to what they want.  This is being done to the peril of churches condoning sin.  As usual, people (including pastors) that believe they came from a monkey and have odd views on abortion miss the fullness of Biblical truth. Rest in peace in the arms of the creator, I look forward to discussing doctrine with you in eternity and verifying that Jesus is not woke..  This makes me think there is something to the idea of levels in heaven, but I digress.

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