Intellectually VAcant Theology

Good looking false religionist

JD denied a slide to the left of the SBC on his watch, total fraud, total leftist.. 

And it is ok to believe in Monkeys to Man

And it is ok to actively support abortion and lead at his church

Fight for Truth

The SBC is a dumpster fire

The Dissenter

Did I mention dumpster fire?

The Polite Leader

JD Whispers about sexual sin, uh oh wait a minute, the LGBTQ variety.  The rest of them, will that is full on hell fire and brimstone. 

Woke Preacher

Gender Justice?  A true false religionist fanning the flames of hatred.

Sola Scriptura

JD getting a ringing endorsement from the false religionist Andy Stanley.

Doctrinal Watchdog

In defense of Sodomy


Ok, that was horrible.  

JDs answer of whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God?  Yes and No…

Conversations that Matter

Greers cancel culture double speak.