Christians, the Church has weak doctrine.  This leads to opening the doors wide for the likes of Rick.  Do what you want in your own eyes and ignore doctrine at your own peril.

Rick signs condemnation of Uganda bill punishing those affirming gay rights.  And why are they doing it?  Because they see the militant forces LGBTQ and BLM have combined to burn major cities down in America.  LGBTQ has become subversive to society.  And what does Big Eva do, as usual, swig to the right with a switchblade and to the left with pillows.  Sure, we can make arguments that the death penalty is too far for some things, but do we not also speak out against the crimes against humanity LGBTQ is bringing?  Rick is not just left leaning, he is a far left Big Eva trumpet.


Conversations that Matter

Rick Warren, the SBC non-messenger that will fracture the SBC to those on the side of truth and those that are not.  The unbiblical crusade of a proud pastor.



Conversations that Matter

Solid Proof Warren is a false religionist.


Rick Warren, Beth Moore and sour grapes.

Rick Warren, Beth Moore and sour grapes.

Real Talk

A leader of the left slide to heresy in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Fight for Truth

A historic night that will live in the halls of eternity.

The Dissenter

SBC is done.

Canon Press

Rick Warren, the guy who went on and on about his Christian pedigree at the SBC, found some verses in the Bible “no one ever showed him”.  Good grief, Rick simply wants to please the false Big Eva false church and turn an entire denomination into dust.  After 2,000 years of reproof, Rick has something new for us, totally word of faith stuff. He couldn’t exegete himself out of a wet paper bag. 


Fight for Truth

Rick’s discipleship follows in his unorthodox footsteps.


Rick’s replacement