Ligon Duncan

Selling Christianity down the river dressed in cRT costumes

Deceptively beautiful

Be discerning if you give tuition dollars to Reformed Theological Seminary.  Ligon Duncan and Kevin DeYoung approach the culture in a way that does not have impact. As a new Pastor, you want to have impact and should look to Pastors having success and not theologians locked up in academia. 


Ligon Duncan, Eric Mason, Kevin DeYoung (Provides cover fire for The Gospel Coalition woke errors) and Acts 29, avoid.

Punch right with hay makers and switchblades while clowning around with the left, even joining their side. 

Ligon: I can see through your straw man tactic, please debate me and I will burn your many straw men down before you do.  Your Daniel straw man and working for the government is intellectually vacant.  
Ligon on Kevin DeYoung’s Moscow Mood.  Of course, Kevin was out to lunch.
Skilled liar: “Lobbing grenades in every direction”. As if those of us in the trenches of the culture war have no aim or purpose. 
Lig, as a lay person, I accept your challenge. The only person in the fetal position at the end will be you.  First question we will address is, how do we cultivate love in the culture?
Luke 13:32. Jesus did mock!
Lack of leadership