The Chosen

Good Intentions / unorthodox Outcomes

Left behind is the authentic Jesus.

A  show built on an empathetic Jesus.  Empathy always leads to unorthodoxy.

Family Entertainment: A+, Acting: A++, Directing: A+, Sets: A+, Cinematography: A++, Streaming platform delivery: A+, Music: A++

Orthodox Christian messaging from the show and Dallas Jenkins, and the Jonathan Roumie (Playing Jesus):  F

Recommendation: Do Not Watch if you are serious about sanctification to Christ.

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The Chosen reviewed by former mystic.

Doreen Virtue

Humanizing Jesus takes His throne away.

Brylan Riggs

Once again, Piper is on a discernment island on this one.

The evidence below demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt The Chosen is unorthodox.  

Please don’t watch this show as left behind is the authentic Jesus.  

Look beyond skinny jeans, fog machines, rock and rap for Jesus.  Click Site Map above for all manner of orthodox teachers.

A secular teaching.

A Mormon teaching.

5 Reasons to not watch
10 More Reasons to not watch

Justin Peters and Pastor Gabriel Hughes

Justin Peters


Workplace policy?
Many modern Christian musicians are unorthodox. Jars of Clay and and Semler.


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The Chosen says the Beatitudes is a roadmap to Jesus, said no verse ever.  This is a Mormon works based description of the Beatitudes.   

The Chosen’s scene of Nicodemus is indicative of every problem in the show.  The Gospel is twisted, sin is diminished, and Jesus deity is lowered.