Words mean things

Liberalism led by the DNC is trying to cancel Christianity using words to twist Biblical truth



Words False Religionist View Biblical View

Empathy vs Sympathy

Empathetic view of sinners.  We must see sinners as if we are them and empathize.  The person calling out sin becomes the sinner. The call is to feel like another person, and therefore accepting of sin. Sympathy is expressed in the compassion we have for others.  Sympathy keeps a distance from sin by in a compassionate way calling out sin and the need for a savior.

Empathy vs Love

Empathy is valued over objective truths. Man can out love God.

Covid might kill grandma so shutdown everything no matter the cost.

Love rejoices in truth, man cannot out love God.

I love grandma and will protect her, but we cannot kill the culture and our kids future over Covid.

Equity vs Equality

Belief equality is a virtue based on equality of outcomes at all cost.  Equality in this construct demands unequal justice to serve specific people groups. Equity is the belief we all have equality of opportunity.  Equity results in a drive for equal justice under the law.
Modernity vs Obedience Following self, self obsession leads to depression and slavery to sin. Sacrifice, obedience to God’s righteousness leads to freedom from sin and slavery to God.