Southern Cross on The Chosen

A lot of people will certainly disagree with my assessment to either not watch the show or watch with your discerning antenna fully up.  I changed from a supporter to non-supporter after an obvious and egregiously errored dialog by the Jesus character. I was also disappointed in the weak gospel message in the Christmas Story.  It’s so much more than “Just love Jesus”.  The evangelical error of weak gospel presentation is why the church is in the compromised shape it is in.  People have tried to talk me off the ledge and go back to watching the show. If someone ever does, I will update the post.  After watching 50 years of eroding Christian doctrine and weak gospel presentation, the country is down to less that 20% Church attendance.  If this show results in true orthodox Christian revival with uncompromised doctrine, I will get back on board. Right now, the show is instead headed the way of the unorthodox.  Unorthodox doctrine is the plague of American evangelicalism for the last 100+ years.  This play on emotion the series is bringing is not, so far, turning masses into followers of the way.   

Since I knew this post would be controversial for some, an extensive set of resources and context is provided.  I did not hear just one thing to make me stop watching.  It is the totality of error that leads to universalism and become untenable.  



Dallas Jenkins is a universalist.

On Sin

The Chosen actress to play lesbian on CBS NCIS.  And here is The Chosen’s reaction on Facebook.  The challenge test below for Dallas is a foregone conclusion.

Proverbs 30:5-6

Every word of God is tested;  He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Do not add to His words Or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar.


From funding supporter to, what the heck is going on here.

 Dallas Jenkins is not being honest when he downplays the differences in the true Christianity and Mormonism.  If he went to church as often as he claims he has to know Christian orthodoxy puts Mormonism into the cult category with the most cursory examination.  His claims Mormons “worship the same Jesus he does” is either false or Dallas is worshiping a cult god.  Dallas is funneling money to the Mormon cult through various merchant sales. Here is the big difference between Mormonism and Christianity and a review of Jenkin’s errors/heresy’s.   But, you may be able to look the other way from the Mormon angle and enjoy the show. Every Mormon I ever met was a “good” (according to the world) person and it is no wonder Dallas has made lifetime Mormon friends, I have too.

My main reason for stopping support of the show has to do with a number of verses in the Bible that warn of adding to or taking away from the Word of God.  Is video media that adds dialog to the words of Christ adding to the Bible?  This point might can be debated, but it is quite clear to me.  The Chosen takes an historical event and pulls Christ’s words from the Bible then edits those words (adds to and deletes).   For me, this is playing with the same fire the Book of Mormon does, and I would not do it.  There is plenty of room in the creative universe without attributing words to God that are not in the Bible (Ala The Book of Mormon).  When the show added the words “follow your heart” to Christ’s words I changed my view of the show completely.  This is so irresponsible and inaccurate to core orthodox theology and Jesus’ teachings.  It’s why the Bible’s warnings are there.  

My second reason for stopping support of the show has to do with the extrabiblical revelation Jenkins received that the show had to be done and would reach 1 billion people.  Even if the show reaches 1 billion, extrabiblical revelation is not a real thing.  See the Jordan Riley video for more unpacking of this one.

Errors like this will confuse people, that’s really important Dallas. Dallas deflects from the theological danger he is in with a shield of “artistic license”.  His straw man is we objectors are zealots.  No, we object because you use the shield of artistic license to push unorthodox beliefs and change events in the Bible.  Most people watching the show do not read their Bible as it is obvious in online blogs.  So the responsibility to be accurate is vital.

I realized the process of Christ’s words being dialog edited followed by a review with unorthodox believers was the very thing that creates false religions.  Man’s words put in God’s mouth is no place to be.  Dallas, there absolutely is a reason this has never been done. The responsibility of treating scripture as holy supersedes creating an emotional TV show that purposefully targets 25–45-year-old females (documented in the counterfeit chosen video) .  And wasn’t it Mormons that brought polygamy into a religion?   Theological differences aside, this is a bad look.

Dallas is emphatic that he owns the shows creativity.  However, the Mormon owners at Angel own the final content, forever.

It’s certainly ok to watch the show, but know what is left behind is the authentic Jesus.  You will have to undo some of the things you see by actually reading your Bible.  I am certain the commentaries and Bible study books they are retailing don’t point out the shows “artistic license” errors.  And, many of those “merch” items are produced by…you guessed it, Mormons.


  • Themes will become more universalist.  Universalism is straight from secular culture.
  • Women will dominate more scenes in place of men, as written in the Bible.
  • Secular ideology will grow, such as “follow your heart.”
  • Punishment for sin will continue to be minimized.
  • Words from the Bible that offend secular sensitivities will be avoided.
  • Words from unorthodox doctrines will come from Jesus, such as “I am the law“.  This comes from the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 15:9, not the Bible.  The authentic Jesus was Gal 4:5 (Born under the law) and Mat 5:17 (Came to fulfill the law)
  • The show will remain popular in the secular world because of these trends.

True faith cometh by hearing the word of God. It will not come by hearing made up back stories of the apostles nor hearing tv Jesus say things God did not say. The Word of God is not flat.  It is alive today and forever.

Finally, don’t make a hobby of the problems in Christian orthodoxy, make a hobby of truth at

Challenge test for Dallas:

  • Are you pro-life?
  • Are you pro Christian marriage?  (With Dallas you have to qualify the question, that is between a man and woman only sir)
  • What is your opinion on transgender story time?
  • What is your opinion of LGBTQ baptisms? 
  • Did God create the world in 6 literal days or 13.7 billion approximate years (give or take a few million)?
  • Was there a literal worldwide flood with 8 people and all the animals in a literal boat?
  • Why do people wear clothes?
  • Did you evolve from a monkey, orangutang, or ape?  
  • Where do you find truth?
  • Have you heard extra-Biblical revelation from God?  What did that sound like?  What is your proof it was from God?
  • Can you refute Jordon Riley‘s analysis of the false gospel of the Mormon Church in light of your comment that Mormons worship the same God as you do?