Reformation 2.0

Fighting for the right to do what we ought!


The right to do what ever the fallen mind desires.

There are different definitions of Christian Nationalism and each church body should sort that out. But we should not run from the moniker itself.

At the same time, don’t fall for the false straw man coming from within liberal Christian circles such as Russell Moore, that Christian Nationalism is about a Protestant Pope. 

In America today, neutrality is the Christian going to the corner, shutting up, and compromising their core values “for the sake of the country”.  As a result, we drift only left whether a Republican or Democrat is in office. How else can you explain “transgender story time” is actually a thing in our culture?  The nation is desperate for Christian leaders with a spine.  

Republicans need to flush all RINOs into the swamp, even if it means giving up the majority.  To do otherwise is to be in the majority and legislate as the minority directs, as we have watched Republicans do for decades. 

How Christians Lost the Culture War

Classic Liberalism is Dead


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1. Identify the Problem – An Evil Magistrate Exists

Endless wars to prop up the military industrial complex, consolidate power, and exert military and financial force to evangelize woke.  Enemies within the gates join leftists with errored theology for the money.

The war to destroy Christian America
The leftist globalists want to eliminate objective reality so whoever is in power can define reality.  The attack on language with certain words and pronouns is just the beginning.  
Klaus Martin Schwab is a German engineer, economist, globalist and founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Why should we consider his worldview evil?
Christians are being targeted by an evil regime.
Endless wars to prop up the military industrial complex, consolidate power, and exert military and financial force to evangelize woke.
Know Your Enemy


If all of this satanic madness does not convince you our culture is evil, then don’t go on to steps 2 and 3.

2. Educate Yourself – What are my options?

There is no need to shy away from the Christian Nationalism moniker.  Own it, for I am not afraid of The Gospel and how it applies to culture.  This is a no brainer for any evangelical with a spine.

  • We love G3 and hope these brothers can work together some day soon.
The nation acting as a people for their national good.
The forgotten giant of the reformation.
Apologetics Press – Forgotten History
Christianity lost its doctrine and history in the last 200 years.  Recover how to apply Biblical doctrine to culture.


A Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.


Right Response

Evangelicals are the least interested in impacting the culture.

Even Dawkins wants Cultural Christianity. Think about that view vs Big Evas like TGC, seeking godless neutrality in culture.

3. Take Action

Christian Nationalism vs Demonic Nationalism

Authoritarianism is here, throughout public schools, universities, judicial system, and all 3 branches of government.  You may carve out your happiness in a small corner, meanwhile culture burns to the ground.  What does take up your cross mean?


Christ or Chaos

Christ or Satan

Righteousness or Clown World

America has descended into satanic madness

God is in control.  Does that mean we let go and do nothing?    The question is not if Christendom 2.0 works, but what do we do that is in alignment with God’s will.  Something tells me nothing is the wrong answer.
Not if but which?

Theonomy is inevitable, not ecclesiocracy, not a Protestant Pope. 

There is no such thing as neutral culture. Secularism is about the destruction of Christianity.

Make America Christian Again With Doug Wilson.
It’s a natural outflow of the great commission, not a replacement for the great commission.