Why Christianity Lost the Culture War

Liberal Christians Help Secular Culture Achieve Satanic Domination

Liberalized Christians listed under “teachers” above are endorsing secular laws in the name of freedom preservation.  They lay claim of willing to “die on that hill” of preserving religious liberty.  Yet, they are in lock step with secular globalists and universalists that seek to destroy Biblical Authority.  The are unprincipled when it comes to God’s Word and more than happy to partner with heretics like Francis Collins.  

That false straw-man of preserving religious freedom has resulted in the last 100 years of laws that expel the Christian God out of the public sphere in lieu of other gods.  Their liberalized flawed doctrines were bad in the culture war leading to roe v wade, bad in the pews of churches leading to mystic practices and bad for Christian America leading to the satanic culture that hates itself.

Don’t fall for the false straw-man of guys like Russel Moore.  He called Trump followers satanic and has said nothing of the satnic culture Biden has unleashed. Liberal Christians are why we lost the culture war, and they don’t deserve even a voice in moving Christianity forward.  

The choice is between 2 kingdoms:  light or darkness

God’s earthly Kingdom serves in 3 spheres:  

  • Church
  • Civil Magistrate – Righteous laws produce righteous acts.
  • Home

Top 6 Reasons the Culture War was Lost

  1. God’s providence.  God is sovereign over the satanic culture and God needs no rescue from this in order to remain God.  He has given His church the privilege of being the hands and feet of gathering the last of His true church before the consumation.  God knows exactly when the last convert will arrive and then the return of Christ.  Don’t despair over the culture loss, for all things work to good to them that serve the Lord.  What the below demonstrates is how man distorts God’s truth and men gravitate toward it in mass.  The larger churches deny God’s historical account of creation, disengage from impacting the culture, are manipulated by the culture, and end up on the wrong side of God’s history.  Numbers mean nothing in God’s economy, it is about spirit and truth.  You cannot deny hell, election, literal creation, or any other plainly written historical text and not be in danger of God saying depart from me I never knew you. I fear this reality for intellectual man.  In God’s providence he is purging the true church out of the false church using this demonic culture as a means to focus our resolve to seek purity.  We mean things for evil or we pump up ourselves through twisting the plain text (which results in evil), and God is using it all for good.  Man’s greatest evil in history was the cross, and the cross is the greatest good in the history of man.
  2. Evolution.
    • Caused Christians to pack atheistic beliefs into the Bible and throw out Genesis 1-11.  See NavigatorsWay for how evolution results in a multitude of theological problems and false doctrines, including:
      • Doubting God’s Word as authoritative.
      • Elimination of sin.
      • Doubt in the existence of hell.
      • Misunderstanding atonement, imputation, propitiation, the nature of God, and a host of other theological errors.
    • There are “professing Christians” in false idol universalist churches that believe in gay mirage and transmania because it is a continuum of evolution. Evolution creates false religionists through conversions to a false idol god that knows no sin.  Interestingly, even the gap theory preachers that pack evolution between Genesis 1 and 2, then have to unpack the order of creation as written.  Then, death comes before the fall.  The thorn is on the rose before the fall.  When they pack in the man’s word, the whole text unravels.  And why do theologically trained people destroy truth?  They are ashamed of Biblical authority before university atheists and atheist talk show hosts. Even Richard Dawkins finds these beliefs repugnant as he can legitimately look them in the eye and say, you don’t even believe your own text.  I use that technique too and it pretty much ends the “debate”, as if this can be debated.
    •  BTW, they also generally believe in aliens, though not a shred of evidence exists for aliens except in the movies.  
  3. Radical 2 Kingdom Theology
    • Treating the spiritual kingdom and common kingdom as 2 different entities
    • Believes the common kingdom is not ruled by Christ leading to “Some of Christ for some of life”
    • Led to Pietism – Where Christianity become a head and heart issue only
      • Bible study becomes how do you feel about it vs what God is saying.  
      • Christianity is limited to the home and the Church, quiet time, privatized lordship
      • Leads to the extremes of:
        • either brining the culture into the Church or
        • treating the world as a separate entity from the 4 walls of the church.
  4. Hyper-Dispensationalism 
    • When someone says, no disrespect intended, somebody is about to be disrespected.  Truly, in all due respect to dispensational brothers and sisters, the below is what hyper-dispensationalism leads to.
      • Gave rise to the belief that a sinners prayer causes salvation to occur, without Gods regenerative power or repentance.  This resulted in many false converts who did not read their Bibles nor understand how to become the hands and feet of Christ in the culture, as their justification was never sure.  Over the next 200 years, Christian doctrine spiraled out of existence in these churches.  For example, churches throughout the SBC literally have no doctrine, statement of faith, and do not ascribe to the historic Baptist documents or creeds.
      • Since hyper-dispensationalism spends an imbalance of time on free will justification (corridors of time theory) and applying end times prophecy to every current event (which Jesus says don’t do), the churches sanctification is stunted.
      • Opens the door for gay mirage and transmania as they rewrite the “dispensation” of the law to exclude certain sins the satanic culture doesn’t like.  Check out the HRC, using this hermeneutic to perfection in order to justify all immoral sex as God created.
      • Dispensational churches are more likely to have difficulty defining preacher, whisper about sexual sin, equivocate sex as defined in marriage with gay sex, find ways to condone sin, accept the lies of CRT as a replacement for Biblical justice, and believe in evolution.
      • The Dallas Theological Seminary, stout dispensationalists, brought heretic Andy Stanley on campus as an expert.  Enough said.
  5. Complementarianism
    • Complementarianism was a bad theology as it ultimately destroyed God’s hierarchical design.
      • With complementarianism degenerating into equality of the sexes, Egalitarianism ensued.  In today’s cultural disaster, this is leading to androgyny, even within the church.
    • Patriarchy is God’s design. Complementarianism was a Piper and Grudem construct to make it more culturally palatable that has since gone sideways.
  6. Lacking understanding of how God speaks to His people through His word, led to false Word of Faith emotionalism, contemplative prayer, the “Experience God” series and other false/pagan practices.  This was fully injected into the SBC through Lifeway leftists such as Russel Moore.