Classic Liberalism is Dead – A Satanic Regime is in Charge of the Left

The Satanic Temple is 1 million strong, with an agenda that matches the party of death.

The history of the Democratic Party – Party of death seeking to deconstruct America into Amerika

The mechanism of the destruction is CRT and D&I.

Evangelicals voting for Democrats are either not true Christian’s or easily fooled.  At best, they just talk the talk, at worst they are following false beliefs:

  • Biden Funding Atheist Missionaries
  • Democrats universally support partial birth abortion.  It’s genocide people.
  • Democrats support teaching kids perversion
  • Democrats invented the anti-Christian CRT & Intersectionality madness and hid it in nice words like diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Wokes (As in the Woke tribe) first overlook, then promote, then permit, then legalize, then celebrate evil. Wokes then persecute those who won’t celebrate evil with them.  This is better known as Demonic Nationalism.

  • Abortion
  • Denying genetic gender
  • Making up new genders
  • Brainwashing gender on young kids
  • Marriage no longer defined for men and women
  • Voter fraud
  • Lawlessness
    • Sanctuary Cities
    • Open Borders
    • Reverse Discrimination
    • Burning of cities is justified
    • Killing conservatives is justified
  • Victimhood to enslave
  • False accusations of racism used to enslave conservatives

They earned the monicker woke.  Woke to evil.