Deep State Globalists

More to come on this page, the scariest thing since 007 and Dr. No, only these guys are real.


  • Liberty is over, the 2 tiered justice system is in full play.  “Justice” Arthur F Engoron and “New York Attorney General” Letitia James’ have gone off the rails and weaponized the judicial system to off political opponents.  This is what tyranny looks like.  Welcome to the new Russia.

 = Does not believe Genesis is History.

 = Hyper-Ecumenicalism, many paths to God, universalism

= Charismatic, Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel or supports people in these circles.

  = LGBTQ, Democrat social justice and or CRT/DEI, soft on sin,  “speak softly of” a group that is ultimately militant. 

 = Globalist, Supports Francis Collins

= Soft on sin of abortion or odd reaction to Roe v Wade overturn, spreading leftist propaganda.

 = For gun control over law enforcement

* = Wokes that appear to be doing an about face.