The political Left are Globalists disguised in a CRT and LGBTQ Empathy wraper

Government at the highest levels is Marxist

Joe Biden, the Democrat party of death, and RINOs in the Republican Party  have declared war on our children. It’s time to stop thinking of humanism and globalism as just another opinion and fight back.  And, Big Eva all too often sides with the revolutionary liberals.   Learn to be discerning in a religious landscape that is more false than a pathway for followers of the way.

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After 60 years of indoctrination, America has become marxist at all levels of government.  And where marxism is failing, the government and media used cloaked language to insight violence against every American institution.

Pure Evil

Tell me sweet little lies.



Why do they need to censor reports and force medical professionals to do something if it is backed by science?

AoC Christian?

Fight for Truth




Marxist since the beginning.

Anti-Christian Marxists