Alistar Begg

Shock is the best way to describe Alistair Begg’s reversal on dealing with homosexuality in the culture.   He got this one wrong and has misread the satanic cultural room.

At the same time brother,  as I was working on another web page dealing with Biblical worship, I ran across a sermon of Alistar’s on the topic. It is the best I have heard on addressing the unbiblical worship going on in most churches.  So know we are not throwing out the baby with the bath water here.

I can tell you brother, if the number of orthodox brothers that have come to you and asked you to repent or clarify were to come to me with the same request because of something I put out there, I would certainly at a very minimum acknowledge my position is outside of the majority and perhaps wrong.  If wrong, then yes I would ask for forgiveness and repent.  We do not operate on an island and should not decide our own discipline.

Let’s not make the women the one’s that have a spine while we miss the opportunity to be strong.

Alistar, this is the one you need to watch and think about how to address this more fully.