Almost all of the false teachers researched on this site are charismatic.


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This is what charismatic worship leads to.

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If you are in a charismatic church, know this is not truth.

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Failed Pentecostal Missionary Tongues

Digging Deeper

For purposes of this discussion, in a nutshell, Charismatic means the church beliefs include the Apostolic gifts (special healing powers, speaking in tongues, etc.) continue to this day.  

Southern Cross Underground believes the Apostolic gifts were given to the original apostles and ceased after that.  We still believe in miracles and the power of Christ to heal.  We do not attribute this ability to humans on this earth.  Its a fine line theologically speaking, but in practice the faith that God may heal by a charismatic person vs the view of miracles from God in a Presbyterian (PCA), Reformed Baptist, mainstream Baptist, and mainstream Methodist church is altogether different.

While some charismatic churches stay within orthodoxy, you owe yourself taking the time to study charismatic practices as so many are false and unorthodox.  Unorthodox charismatics tend toward lifting man over God, health, wealth, word of faith, etc.  Most of the charismatic denominations came after the mainstream denominations that resulted from the Reformation.  The Reformation sought to allow people direct access to God and out from under unorthodox Catholic traditions.  Ironically, many Charismatic churches put the congregation back under the rule of church leaders in an unorthodox way.  Allen Parr’s video illustrates this well.

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