Would we say Eric follows some false doctrine?  This is very tough, but yes.  Read the Disntr below and you decide.   We think he should be more discerning in laying out the Bible and stop elevating the word of faith false teachers on his show.  On the other hand, Eric is tough on the culture of sin and the below is a loving critique against interviewing and elevating word of faith false religionists.  There are plenty of good Christians with solid orthodoxy to interview.


Analysis from the Disinter

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Ravi left out a few details.  Now looking back, look at how sincere Ravi is below, yet a monster was within.  Then, as we unpack his doctrine, we find flaws.  Doctrine matters.  Then there is Francis Chan, the man that published a video about the Asbury revival, before it happened.  And all these people want is unity?