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Real Talk

Liberal College Pre-Planned Ending Revival with a False Teacher

People thinking this revival was real are the charismatics.  Do your own research and you will find false gospel “preachers” that believe in mysticism liked what they saw.  From demons cast to speaking in tongues it was a tour deforce of false gospel.  Could some good have come out of it?  Of course.  But any good would have been in spite of the false revival not because of it.


It was fake from the beginning

NAR Influence in Asbury

And the usual suspects of false charismatic teachers were behind it. This was never from God.  A false teaching school and false celebrity religionists cooked it up.

The video of Francis Chan at the link above was produced and released before the “revival” started!!  As a result of being found out, the false NAR abandoned going to Asbury in order to “keep it free of celebrities” and reduce the damages from their shenanigans.

NAR frauds including Rick Warren and Francis Chan were told to stay home and let the “revival” end for the sake of student academic health- Started by man and ended by man, not of God.

The gay affirming, demon casting, tongue speaking, false healing, CRT pushing false teaching was never going to honor God.  Followers of false gospels run the risk of being told by Christ, depart from me.  Repent and Believe saith the Lord.


Christ over Chords

The Manipulated Emotionalism of Hillsong, Asbury, and Pentecostalized Evangelicals.