Breaking the satanic Kind Code of leftist false teachers.  

Merely uses the CRT framework on Scripture creating an endless drivel of making true Christians the villain and the sinner the victim.  Satanic to the core.

Protestia On the Heretical 2023 Conference

ANDY’S No Repentance Humanist Philosophy

Andy’s Position to Get Rid of the Bible Explained

Southern Cross Underground Essay


Andy’s feelings feed the goats.  The apple did not fall far from the tree as Charles affirmed LGBTQ lifestyle, shared beliefs with word of faith heretics, and was unorthodox in many ways.  Andy is taking a little leven of the father and has completely lost truth.

The making of a heretical minister
Short Clips on the idol Worship
Ken Ham goes octagon on false preaching 

The Gospel of Christ

What courage actually looks like


False Prophet
“Just Preach the Gospel” was Hitler’s message.
Excellent Biblical breakdown of the heretical teachings from heretic Mr. Stanley.
Andy’s house of cards.

Real Talk

What salvation actually looks like


False Prophets
Leftists always enjoy each other’s company.


The Beth Moore connection.

Brylan Riggs

Evil in its nicest form.

Answers in Genesis

Is he really false? Let’s discuss.

DTS took the playlist down, but Stanley is still there.

DTS sank to a new low giving this heretic a platform.

Charles approves of the Little God believer Paul Couch, a clear heretic.

Doctrinal Watchdog

Polite Leader


Real Talk

We are saddened with the passing of Charles.  A lot of good preaching. Yet, truth remains truth and we will follow the Bible to truth, as Charles would applaud. 

The Postscript

Andy’s theology is simply using a CRT framework on the Bible.  Andy uses this CRT approach to deceive Christians into thinking they need to change their attitudes toward sin.  It’s not even clever.