The Making of a Heretic

Nobody and I mean not a single bible believing Christian is surprised by Andy’s assault on God’s righteousness

God is Holy and this is unholy.

Andy want the adulation of the crowd and does not care what God thinks about it.  He can twist scripture into a pretzel and his view is still of a false-religionist.

Sola Scriptura

When false teachers are endorsing you, it should be a clue.

Right Response

Pastor Joel Webbon gives a Biblical defense of righteousness that opposes to the childish behavior and incoherent claims of Andy Stanley. 


Hey Andy – Hath God Said?

Andy truly is a heretic.  Here a middle schooler puts the heretic in his place.


Andy in danger of being told “Depart from me…”

Hey Andy – Hath God Said?

Andy truly is a heretic.  Andy denies the 10 Commandments


The Heretic

Only Andy and his lost flock cannot see it.

Wrong on Everything

Even Eric, who has praised WoF preachers, sees Andy is 100% wrong.


The Heretic

Well summarized by Jordan.  The Bible is not Authority according to Andy.  Worst false pastor in America.

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They see it down under too.

Featured Video – Unqualified to Preach

Andy Stanley – Most dangerous heretic and false religionist in America.

Montage of leftist lunacy.  

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Andy Stanley – Most dangerous heretic and false religionist in America.

No Andy, it’s evolution that is a house of cards.  

Andy does not believe the Bible, it’s all about the resurrection, which is only fully described in the most trustworthy book in the world, the Bible.

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Members of Andy’s Church, please Watch this short video

You will not be lead to the true Christ at Andy’s false religion worship center.

Escape the heresy.

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The Atheist that brought Andy out of the closet

Andy, now preaching to sinners and atheists, who can remain in their sin in this unrighteous worship center.


Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham gives the definitive refutation of the childish theology of Andy Stanley

Wrong on politics too.  So answer me this Andy, Joe Biden is good for the freedom of religion in this country?  Clueless.  

Leftists enjoying each others company.


The Beth Moore connection.

Brylan Riggs

Evil in its nicest form.

Answers in Genesis

Is he really false? Let’s discuss.

Real Talk

We are saddened with the passing of Charles.  A lot of good preaching. Yet, truth remains truth and we will continue to follow the Bible to truth, as Charles would applaud. 


Dallas Theological Seminary apparently has a low view of scripture if stanley is considered an “Expert”

DTS has all of these resources to vet their speakers and they bring in a heretic.  DTS and its dispensational teachings have proven they know nothing of God.

Here Andy is spreading the same old heretical mess.  The Bible is not inerrant, Genesis is a myth, and he learned the most from an atheist.  He is such a fool because he thinks if he agrees with science on evolution, agrees with the culture on LGBTQ+, and discards the Bible to the applause of the mob, he will be liked.

And he completely lies about what the apostles were teaching.  This is so horrible.  May Andy repent of his sin of unrighteousness toward a holy God.  Andys theology is unholy foolishness.

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Doctrinal Watchdog

Property false gospel.

Polite Leader

Unorthodox – It’s about salvation not hearing a personal voice.