Southern Cross Underground on Andy Stanley

How Andy used CRT as a template to change the definition of sin.  Andy also does not believe God can, through salvation, can change the mind of man to run from sin.

Andy Stanley has officially affirmed the gay lifestyle and CRT.  He is woke to the uttermost.

Andy Stanley is taking the mantle as the most woke “preacher” in the land. No longer orthodox in his teachings, one of the most popular preachers in America has become a philosopher.  His error is conforming to the world, in the line of Joel Osteen, and pushes his unique philosophy in a false-religionist wrapper.  When a preacher’s tag line is “I bet no one ever told you…” run away.  After 2,000 years of reproof, no preacher should have something new to add to Protestant orthodoxy.  Fully woke for the money.  Welcome to the Word of Faith Andy, only those guys are going to accept your heresy.  Andy is following a false idol, a false gospel, and will be judged by the creator of the universe accordingly.  We pray he repents, but as of April 30, 2023 he has continued his heretical rants.

Andy’s formula is as follows: structure the approach to Bible the way CRT approaches the culture. Critical Bible Theory (CBT) produces motivational talks aligned to secular humanist norms, homosexuals, and scientific big bang atheists. CBT is opposed to Biblical doctrine that points the culture or an individual to God’s definitions love and sin or grace and justice. Andy borrows from the Word of Faith preachers by using terms that are general and allow the listener to define for themselves what he meant.  Anyone holding to Biblical authority is called out as a heresy hunter that limits God by putting him in a box.

Andy’s presentation of sin on May 21, 2023 was an execution of CRT to redefine sin.  Like health and wealth teachers, terms and phrases are thrown out very generally to allow the audience to fill in definitions that please them. This was nothing but a fork tongued serpent saying, “Did God really say”. We know Andy condones homosexuality.  He presented God’s second commandment in such a way as to define loving your neighbor must include condoning sin defined in the Bible.   Andy says people holding to doctrines put God in a box.  Andy, deal with these verses in one of your sermons and show us how you unbox them.  Andy has missed the intent of God’s laws.  He has put the definition of love, sin, righteousness, and justice in the hands of man.  Andy, what is sexual immorality and what is its consequence?   This is a terrifying message that gives comfort to fornicators headed to the gates of hell.  This church teaches a false man centered philosophy.  Read 2nd Peter as false teachers were doing just like this in the 1st century.  There is nothing new under the sun, including Andys new framework for identifying sin.  I could write a doctoral thesis on the errors in this message.

False interpretation of the entire Bible.  Falsly claims that you cannot trust the Bible.  Stanley is also in agreement with heretic guru Francis Collins, as noted in this article.

Andy, I am not your judge, this page simply points out errors the creator of the universe and judge will hold you accountable.  Your God is a false idol, an idol of mans making.  The Bible is not about our feelings toward it, it is about obedience to doctrines it teaches.  Justification, Sanctification and sin are core Christian doctrines and and Andy’s methodology leads to unorthodox understandings of these and other doctrines.  Simply put, a false teacher that thinks he is rescuing the culture by tickling its ears.  Or worse, it is a selfish desire to please the ear by painting with a broad inclusive brush and keep the dollars flowing.