Ajay is the Southern Cross Underground reporter that is in development.  For now, relevant news you cannot get from the state run communist media.

The narrative from ABC, NBC, CBS, Apple, MSNBC, The White House, and the rest is, whites are systemically racist and blacks are as pure as the wind driven snow.  Its not quite true in either case.  We believe there is racism in all colors.  These twitter links are provided as an antidote to the false narrative that is out there about systemic white racism, white supremacy, etc.  It is an overblown charge that covers up for the culture crisis that is in the inner city black communities.  In addition, these fake media outlets are pushing the satanic agenda of immorality.  CRT and Sexual immorality are combined to disrupt our Christian nation of any color.  

The America of the Democrat Party making

Talking sense in a clown show world

A black man talking sense about black racism

Racist Industry

America of the Democrat Party on Twitter

Crazy Violent man on Subway

Crazy BLMer gets away with threats to Police

Whites need higher taxes

Woman Raped on Philly train while BLM watches

Daniel Penny

Man with 43 priors accidentally killed, BLM martyred

Man with 43 priors celebrated by mob

Man with 43 priors, what really happened on that train?

Jordon Neely? Mentally ill MJ

Daniel Penny Defense Fund

The real insurrection

More black violence

Blacks don’t have to follow school rules

Target sells trans baby clothes, but they are not groomers

2 Black thugs shoot white woman who then loses baby

Just another day in the hood

Dear black woman” goes rage with racism and I don’t see color

Comply with police? Nahhh

Crime is out in the open

White idiot protesters blocking the road, removed

Democrat Transmania satanists

For those of you that still shopped at Target after the bathroom fiasco, welcome to the resistance.  

We told you it was satanic.

satan is at the bottom of this rot

satan is behind it and violent

Target, a groomer mill

Tuck Friendly Target, Insane

When boycotts reach 20%, the company hemorrhages

Target lost $9B in Value, Christians this can work

It’s official, Target grooms kids

Biden’s satanic knucklehead on full display

Biden’s satanic bro

Dodgers love satan too

Satanists have gone past insanity

Pronouns don’t change the fact that hell is the destination

Satan of the LGBTQ variety

Transmania naked dude with child

Transmania woah transpaces

Transmania, it’s satanic

Transmania face mutilation

Transmania child abuse

White People Murdered, Globalists Don’t Care

Babylon Bee

2 days after releasing Matt Walshes Movie on Twitter, and more people leaving as a result.


The play of Clown World and the functional atheism.

Doug Wilson

Blacks committing crime?  The ABC narrative is, that never happens.

Doug Wilson

Truly, a Banana Republic

Allie Beth Stuckey


Turning Amerika into a Banana Republic

Blog and Mablog

Twitter is a “Dumpster Fire”

The Ruben Report

Weak-ly News Old (old site)


Weak-ly News (new site)

Adam Yenser


This was a YouTube video of the anarchy the leftist anti-Christian phobe libs are about. YouTube kicked the channel off their site for daring to tell the truth. But, look below, Twitter is not afraid of truth like the YouTube censors.





Twitter showing us what YouTube will not, truth.



This is where the party of death is taking us.

Censorship in the evil media empire.