False Religions

Shocking?  No, every bit of this is made known to us in the Bible.  

  • Denial of who Christ says he was
  • Law of attraction
  • Denial of sickness
  • Think realities into existence
  • Speak realities into existence
  • Ignorance of Biblical doctrine
  • Extra-Biblical false doctrines underpin false religions
  • We don’t need to be improved, salvation is being remade



General Research on Unorthodox Religions (from a Protestant perspective)

Berean Research

Apprising Ministries

Church of England

Mormon – CARM 8 min video 

Jehovah’s Witnesses –  CARM 5 min video

Jehovah’s Witnesses  Jeff Durbin shows how to witness

The Shepard’s Chapel – CARM 5 min video

World Religions and Cults Courses

Catholicism Doctrine – Where is that in the Bible?