Alpha is a ministry discipleship program aimed at the unchurched to introduce them to Christianity.  

From their site, “Alpha offers content and guidance for churches, ministries, and individuals to create a space for honest and open conversations about life’s biggest questions.”

It has become quite popular in the UK and is spreading to the US.

Alpha is successful, from the lens of numbers of people involved, finances, and other corporate measures.

At SouthernCrossUnderground, corporate measures have no meaning.  There is but one measure, does the work stand up to Biblical Authority?

The people behind Alpha are sincere about their aim.  They are interested in bringing out the good in people.  That being said, we are to discern it like a Barean.

Of course, with a site like I will be accused of being a Pharisee, finding no truth in anything.

However, please see the site map above for many postitive resources pointing to fully orthodox teachings of Christ, based on 2,000 years of Christian understanding.  There is nothing new under the sun and certainly nothing new I have to offer.


The Good

I totally like their approach of setting the stage for the unchurched to come and ask questions to Christians that will listen openly and answer in kindness.  I try to do that in every setting as I meet with the unchurched.  This is something we need more of as the world has become so unchurched they don’t even know why there are chapter and verse numbers in the Bible.  

What sets Alpha apart are the professionally produced videos, websites, curriculum, etc.  It really is first class with well meaning intentions.

The Concerns

  1. Ecumenicalism – Alpha is seeking to be the “Christian unity” leader, non-denominational, Catholic and Protestant curriculum.   At that point alone, the effort becomes a shallow hole of focusing on being good, but not defining what good is.  There simply is no way to resolve the theological differences on such a broad scale without eviscerating truth.
  2. Sin Cannot be Defined – This is perfect for the Andy Stanley type preachers who teach “good” cannot be known.  Therefore, all manner of sin creeps in.  The sin starts with LGBTQ one on one unions, whatever various flavors the two are.  This is un-Biblical, gay mirage, and sets the stage for anything goes.  This all falls apart when the trans-storytime clown show arrives and false “pastors” (mostly women) try to justify that.  Or, justify 1 man and 3 women getting married.  If we cannot see how marriage is one man and one woman in the Bible, then there simply is no standard.
  3. Unorthodox Backfire – As a result of being fuzzy on what sin is and crossing your fingers that people will just come to the right conclusion, it fails.  Satan is well aware that getting Christians to let each person define sin will prevent the church from being grafted into the vine.  It’s the “you have your truth and I have mine” derangement syndrome.  Only the Bible knows truth,
  4. Do good philosophy – This is the draw of the soft on sin mega church.  Pull on the emotions of people to do something good for their neighbor including saving the cats, saving the environment, wearing your mask, and getting a vax.  That’s Biblical right?   And even if the good is really a good, if we do that good without the ultimate goal of praising the true Christ, it is vanity.  So, if I do good and find homes for all the stray cats in my town under the umbrella of a God that is LGBTQ accepting, it is an abomination before the Lord.  An approach that is the bread and butter of Andy Stanley.
  5. Charismatic Leaning – Alpha is written by a charismatic.  It will not take long to realize this Biblical Trilogy collection of websites is not charismatic.  Once you have tried all the speaking in tongues, laughing in the spirit, and being drunk in the spirit and realize, “that ain’t right” come back here for orthodox teachings. 



Doctrine Matters

John 7:17

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.