Orthodox and orthodox

The term “orthodox” has a lot of meanings in Christian circles.  Here are some highlights to get you started.  We will expand this over time as we get into Christian history later.

little “o” orthodox – often referred to on this site:

orthodox – relates to doctrines accepted by the early Christians which continue to this day.  No matter the denomination these orthodox doctrines must be accepted to be considered Christianity.   For example:

  • The trinity
  • Virgin Birth

Pentecostal Oneness churches deny the trinity and therefore are outside of Christian orthodoxy and therefore outside Protestant Christianity.

Big “O” Orthodox –  denotes religions:   

Eastern Orthodox is a religion that split from the Roman Catholics in 1054.  

Greek Orthodox Church (GOC) is a branch of Eastern Orthodoxy.  Even though the Greek Orthodox Church is separate from Catholicism, many of its practices are similar, such as the veneration of saints.

Reformed Christians (Protestants) hold to doctrines that disagree with Orthodox and Catholic religions and sometimes consider their view as unorthodox (from a Protestant perspective)