The New Apostolic Reformation

A collection of false religionists that believe their leaders are apostles with powers and represent a new church government.  A collection of heretics that believe Jesus on earth was not fully God.  They do this to make the congregation think they have special powers as a human, because they say Jesus was just a man while on earth.  


 = Does not believe Genesis is History.

 = Hyper-Ecumenicalism, many paths to God, universalism

= Charismatic, Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel or supports people in these circles.

  = LGBTQ, Democrat social justice and or CRT/DEI, soft on sin,  “speak softly of” a group that is ultimately militant. 

 = Globalist, Supports Francis Collins

= Soft on sin of abortion or odd reaction to Roe v Wade overturn, spreading leftist propaganda.

 = For gun control over law enforcement

* = Wokes that appear to be doing an about face.