An atheist says math is poetry of the mind.  Before Hertz identified radio waves using math, did the radio wave exist?

Believe it or not, there are 2 +1 camps of atheists. 

  • Woke atheists – This group supports satanic clown world.
    • +1 Bill Maher confused atheists – This group slides from woke to liberal in a state of dazed confusion.
  • Liberal atheists – This group is opposed to the satanic clown world unleashed by woke.

A useful worldview for weak men. -Josh Timonen 

  • You are in the herd of the world, path of least resistance
  • You feel free internally by giving the one finger salute to all higher powers.  This inexplicably fuels atheists, considering they gave the one finger salute to something they refute exists.  It’s their paradox that they expend 1 second of time on this.  It is evidence they do as the Bible instructs, this is the mechanism they use to suppress the truth.

Atheist Converts

Josh Timonen reveals all

Apologetics for Atheists

Proof atheism collapses under its own weight.  Dawkins fought for years to destroy Christianity.  Now he wants the cultural result of a Christian nation back. Besides the fact that Islam freaks him out.
Sam wants cultural Christianity.  Because, Islam scares the heck out of him.

How secular humanism has created a culture that sees no evil.

Ray Comfort

Evolution vs God

The Atheist Delusion


 = Does not believe Genesis is History.

 = Hyper-Ecumenicalism, many paths to God, universalism

= Charismatic, Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel or supports people in these circles.

  = LGBTQ, Democrat social justice and or CRT/DEI, soft on sin,  “speak softly of” a group that is ultimately militant. 

 = Globalist, Supports Francis Collins

= Soft on sin of abortion or odd reaction to Roe v Wade overturn, spreading leftist propaganda.

 = For gun control over law enforcement

* = Wokes that appear to be doing an about face.