Piper has a lot of good orthodox teaching.   Not heretical by any means and I wanted to leave him off the watch list as so many people I know follow him.  However, if they thoughtfully reviewed this information they might turn elsewhere.  Christianity is head, heart, and hands.  Piper is all heart.  His head decisions have not been the best.  His advice on how to approach the culture has impacted the church’s ability to impact it.

Pipers charismatic leanings have him go sideways on his decision making. I am with Justin Peters on this one. He has staunchly defended false teachers such as Rick Warren and Mark Driscoll. The movement that has gripped his ministry is known as New Calvinism. New Calvinism is a form of seeker-friendly semi-reformed theology.

Piper is also an anti-Trumper.  Christians hear me, vote for the President that best protects the right to freedom of religion.  Between Trump and Biden there simply is no comparison to their religious freedom position.  Biden is an anti Christian apostate and Piper pushed Christian votes toward that.  One of the most short sighted things I have ever seen by a Christian in my entire life. I understand Trump had a false word of faith spiritual advisor.  But c’mon as we look at Trump’s 4 years, without a doubt America was better off not only as a country, but the protection of religious liberty was increased.  

 For me, there are so many good Christian resources that don’t make these egregious leadership mistakes that I stopped listening to Piper.

More in Pipers own words

Covid Virus (John believes government statistics and the leftist media that hyped them)

John on Guns

Treasure Christ

Treasure Christ was banned from YouTube for telling the truth.


Piper, baffling or goat.  There is understanding of God’s word and application in culture.  John gets an F in cultural application.

Right Response

John has missed discernment of the culture

Antinomianism is a view of Old Testament moral laws as not applicable today..


Right Response

John appearing deceptive here.

Conversations that Matter

John appears increasingly deceptive. 

Piper – Believes in Evolution.  He spent all of his time here defending evolution and just a bit of lip service to God’s historical record.

This was some 11 years ago.  What I have learned watching many videos of Piper is this:

  1. Piper tip toes and capitulates too often to culture and leftists.  
  2. Piper seems to value emotion over objective reality.
  3. Facts don’t necessarily sway him toward the right opinion.
  4. He has very bad discernment when making alliances with other pastors. 
  5. Neo-Reformed is doctrinally unsound.
  6. Piper was one of the architects of complementarianism, which replaced the plain to see patriarchy of God’s design.

Doctrinal Watchdog

Absolutely the best comeback in history by Doug Wilson to Pipers call for “more obvious tears“. I use Doug’s comeback all the time now, “I am holding back“.

John explains the only way to make a point is through emotion and empathy, exactly what the culture is wired for.  Objective facts offend Piper because he does not want to offend people even when they are dead wrong.  

Facts don’t have to come with tears.  Conviction and speaking with the authority of scripture will not return void.  The world needs more confident Christians like Doug and less crying and emotion.