Piper has a lot of good orthodox teaching.   Not heretical by any means and I wanted to leave him off the watch list.  However, Piper’s advice on how to approach the culture is well, a disaster (“seeker sensitive”).  And it seems more and more his disasters were to garner favor with larger numbers of people, even if the position is approaching unorthodox.

Pipers charismatic leanings have him go sideways on his decision making. I am with Justin Peters on this one. He has staunchly defended false teachers such as Rick Warren and Mark Driscoll. The movement that has gripped his ministry is known as New Calvinism. New Calvinism is a form of seeker-friendly semi-reformed theology.

Piper is also an anti-Trumper.  Christians hear me, vote for the President that best protects the right to freedom of religion.  Between Trump and Biden there simply is no comparison to their religious freedom position.  

Trump – Has a mean X account and false word of faith spiritual advisor.

Biden – Is literally a satan follower and anti-American globalist at war with traditional Christian values.

One of the most short sighted things I have ever seen by a Christian in my entire life is Piper giving Christians a reason to vote for Biden in an article he wrote in 2020.  

 For me, there are so many good Christian resources that don’t make these egregious leadership mistakes, I stopped listening to Piper.

More in Pipers own words

Covid Virus (John believes government statistics and the leftist media that hyped them)

John on Guns

On traditional practical things, Piper lacks cultural discernment, and worse, had poor theology on it.  Watch these and you decide.

Roe v Wade
Same Sex Attraction
Jon leans to creation as written.  Yet, struggles to explain it. 
Absolutely the best comeback in history by Doug Wilson to Piper’s call for him to have “more obvious tears”.
Get the Vax. I wonder if he would walk it back now that we know the government lied.
John Piper mocks Doug, but concludes Doug is not a heretic. Notice he mocks Doug AND his teachings.  Mocking is what Piper pleads with Doug not to do.  By contrast, Doug’s No Quarter November is mocking Clown World culture, not Christians.  In this same video, John defends NT Wright!!  I think all of this is borderline hypocrisy.  These comments are made  with disgraced pastor Mark Driscoll and CRT leftist Matt Chandler.