Greg Laurie

Free will false gospel – The man behind the Jesus Revolution movie

I recently watched one of the best sermons preached against this transgender madness by Laurie.  While we agree wholeheartedly in the points of this sermon, doctrinally there are still too many departures from the true Christ.  Transgenderism is a symptom of something bigger, a lack of being obedient to the entirety of scripture.

Jordon Riley

If you go to the movie, don’t be looking for the true gospel. You will see a semi-true account of what was at the time and still today a false gospel.  Like The Chosen, good for entertainment, not sanctification.

It’s just mysticism and old paganism.



Doctrinal Watchdog

Greg Laurie, the false doctrine behind the Jesus Revolution movie.

Lonnie Frisbee

Having homosexual sex, then preaching on Sunday