When I started down the road of understanding Biblical doctrine, never did I think I would see anything Billy Graham said was errored.   However, many people were concerned when Billy Graham started expressing ecumenical beliefs.  I actually used to rebuke people for saying something against “America’s Pastor”.  While there is no question a lot of good came out of his ministry, the case is made below that the universalist message he started leaning into began to infect evangelicalism in a broader sense later in his life. Today these doctrinal errors have metastasized into a stage 4 cancer of false-religionists across America.  

When it comes to evolution, there were comments against creationists views, at the same time were comments in support of the biblical view.  There is no reason to feel a need to capitulate to “science” in one interview and preach another.  Stand firm Christians.

Ed Stetzer is the Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College. One generation after Graham, Stetzer (a far leftist) is what results when bad doctrine takes over.  (defined by lifting a cooperation of works by all religions over doctrine, salvation justification has multiple paths, doctrine does not matter, just love Jesus even if you don’t know Him). 

Having said all of this, there are hundreds of old sermons from Pastor Graham’s early years that are orthodox.  Good ministries like Answers in Genesis.TV rebroadcast these sermons in their content.  Caution here has to do with statements made in life that we must be discerning with today.


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A great pastor that yet developed some unorthodox theology.