Last Update May 14, 2023

TGC writes article that misses the root cause by a country mile.  TGC tries to cover for the dramatic increase in churches leaving the SBC by highlighting challenges in place of the real root cause.  What is wrong with the SBC?  Not relying on biblical authority to lead.  Follow scripture is lost in a malaise and fog of cancel culture that now leads in the SBC.  We became weary of getting complex answers to simple questions. What is a woman? What is a pastor? What is marriage? What is racial equity in the Bible?  

SBC is really in trouble in New Orleans

Southern Baptist Convention ousts its largest church, Saddleback, for having a woman pastor 

  • The reason women were ordained is the wokeness that owns the SBC.  LGBTQ+ and CRT wokeness still thrive in the SBC.  The SBC has a ton of housekeeping to do and I believe they will split first.  There simply is no Biblical courage left, despite this decision.  If they come out tomorrow and call LGBTQ+ sin with the same veracity they have been calling me, a white man, a racist because CRT says I am a racist because I am white, then we might be getting somewhere.
  • 2022 SBC Anaheim Convention Summary – Leads to one decision, leave
    • Liberalism has taken the SBC, it’s no longer up for debate; the means and ends are corrupt and rotten.
      • Unity at the expense of truth
      • No longer believes in the sufficiency of scripture
      • Excusing sin, no pastor accountability among pastors.  Friendships over scripture.
        • You can no longer trust at face value an SBC pastor.  If they don’t post a statement of faith, leave.
      • SBC is under the judgement of God as He allows church leaders to let the world in to destroy it.  Baptizing homosexuals shows those associating with that church have already fallen.
      • Victimhood mentality used by preachers to then brag how it led to their woke awakening.
      • Numbers over theology and Bible authority drive moderate positions that move left
      • Shameful theology taught at seminary
      • SBC LGBTXYZ false preachers
        • James Merritt  – There is no such thing as drifting left. God’s word is unmovable.
        • Russell Moore. A leftist progressive that ran Lifeway for a while and injected weak and false teaching through what they sold.  Left in a huff and has been fanning the flames of discontent blaming SBC white men as systemically racist.  
        • Beth Moore – Picking and choosing Bible versus you believe is better know as an idol.
        • JD Greer  – All you need is love and a big smile is an idol from the 1960’s.  Flower children run the SBC.
          • JD Greer on Pronouns – Say what? Proof JD was not honest to tell us there is no left slide of the SBC.  JD is on a rocket sled to apostasy. 
        • Ed Litton  God absolutely does not whisper about sin.  The entire Bible is about victory over it.
        • Rick Warren.  Double speak is a mastery of a false religionist. 
        • Bart Barber (2022 SBC President) Clever progressive.
      • It is love to tell LGBTXYZ the truth.  It is hateful to condone sin.
      • Lifeway, not interested in truth, just what sells.
      • Tony Evans – KRT author.  Tony’s Kingdom Race Theory puts lipstick on the CRT pig.  Slick and good sounding, yet is Marxist at its core.  Galatians 2:5 is about the gospel not racism.  Tony conflates these in a slick re-write of CRT.  He is convincing people their value is found in the woke narrative vs the Gospel.
        • Other CRT Proponents
          • David Platt – CRT is about communism and power.  Racial reconciliation is found at the foot of the cross.
          • Matt Chandler says CRT is helpful, then it’s not, he is really confused in this uncomfortable show of outrage. Where is the outrage over his denomination replacing the gospel with woke or it’s inability to define “pastor”?  Like his CRT counterparts he prefers to play victim. So embarrassing. 
      • NAMB  – Misuse of Annie Armstrong funds investigated.
      • Feminism has taken over the SBC due to weak Biblical understanding of the men.
      • The SBC can no longer define “Pastor” –  A committee formed, led by a woman, to study the definition of Pastor, after 167 years the SBC has no idea.  If that doesn’t scream woke, what does?  Rick Warren is ordaining women now, and he wants to argue the definition of Pastor.  Now that is woke.
      • Easy believism has become the core of the SBC and its evidence is the soft positions on sin.  SBC excuses sin for money.
  • SBC in Orlando, the Church conforming to the culture is from hell.
  • Homosexuality, Universalism, The Gospel, and the SBC (James Merritt former SBC President losing theological truth)
  • Greear and Litton: Plagiarism and Sin in the SBC

  • Steven Fertick (SBC never corrected the little god, word of faith, Southeastern graduate before he left the SBC)
  •  Beth Moore (fully SBC LifeWay supported and clearly teaching outside of God’s word)

Revoice Conference and “Gay Christianity”