These Evangelical Books Should’ve NEVER BEEN WRITTEN


Friel’s List

14. The Shack – Heretical 

13. Girl, Wash Your Face – Sanctification is on you

12. 90 Minutes in heaven – All of the in heaven tourism books are false

11. I Kissed Dating Goodby – Book by former Christian

10. The Prayer of Jabez – 

9. Velvet Elvis – Deconstruction of Evangelicalism – Uh oh Oprah likes this guy, automatic false tag

8. Love Wins – Extreme liberalism

7. Your Best Life Now – Property Gospel

6. Jesus Calling – Denies Sufficiency of Scripture, Extra Biblical revelation.  Contemplative prayer.  Proof that approval of large numbers does not equal biblical truth.

5. What Saint Paul Really Said – New hot take, false RUN!

4. Power of Positive Thinking – Mind over matter truth in us vs God, Void of the Gospel

3. Black Theology and Black Power – Marxism and racism, Origin of CRT

2. The Purpose Drive Life – Makes life all about you.  Easy believism, without repentance.

1.Purpose Driven Church – Seeker Sensitive easy believism and bring secularism in.

Navigators Way

  1. Love Speaks – Carl Anderson is a sincere man.  But, wrong on the idea that you can dream about Jesus and have special spiritual gifts, or even her an audible voice from God.  This is a Word of Faith false belief.  TBN supported, avoid.  This is a really tough critique as there is a lot of truth in his historical teaching.