Counterfeit Christianity Formula

  1. Lower the deity of the real Christ to a false man-christ.
    • Jesus was man and not God for a time.
    • Jesus performed miracles as a man anointed by God, not God Himself.
    • Deny the trinity
  2. Assign miracles and wonders to the man-christ
  3. Elevate man to the level of a man-christ.
  4. Assign miracles and wonders capability to elevated man-christ
  5. Redefine faith in Christ means your wealth increases, your health is never bad, and the pastor being rich is a sign from a false god their teaching works. Don’t look too closely at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, rather look at the riches fake-god gives, IF you are faithful.
  6. Convince people that since they are now little gods:
    • They can perform healings in their power
    • They can speak things into existence
    • Their faith is weak if they do not receive what they spoke
    • Their faith is weak if their own or family members health declines
  7. False teachers:
    • Twist every word of scripture to be about getting stuff
    • Twist the purpose of worship to pray for stuff
    • Teach a false speaking in tongues process
    • Establish levels within the movement for you to attain
      • Members become slaves to obtaining levels
    • They lie to you to pick your pocket. 
      • They end up rich and the laypeople pray to become rich.

The above is not Christianity.  It is a false movement formula from hell.

People attending false preaching don’t believe the Word of God for if they did, they would not fall for this.  People believe the false teacher because they hear our sinful heart wants to hear.