The Technology Apocalypse 

Get a VPN Christian



I uploaded content to Vimeo that was not an original creation.  I was informed I broke a “golden rule” which triggered the ability to completely nuke my account and block the ability to watch purchased content.  They don’t even leave you a user account in order to watch your purchased content.  Now mind you, there are millions of non-original content posts on Vimeo, with the most cursory search.  This ban had everything to do with ideology, and they don’t like mine.

I had to go back and ask Vimeo for refunds of purchased content, as this was not issued automatically.  The refund was short of what I have purchased as noted below.  For your information, if the “technician” fresh back from burning man pushes the nuke button on your account, you do not get an unused balance of your membership back.  Vimeo, may I suggest these sermons to help you define the real golden rule.  These are generally the types of videos I would post and were formerly a Vimeo webpage.

By my documentation below, Vimeo owes 74.97 plus the unused portion of  membership.  However, Vimeo claims all unused membership dollars as theirs the day they take it, even if they nuke your account.  They offered to send me 34.94, which is $40.03 short of my content purchases, which do not count the membership loss.



Minutes after making a follow-up request of Vimeo to refund all purchased content (the $40.03 they were short), they banned my IP address.  So check it out, if you think big tech is not tracking you, they took my IP address in use at the time and blocked it.

Now, it’s more than IP address they track because they also get the profile of your computer mac address, type computer in use, browsers in use, geolocation, etc.  So, if the ISP changes your IP address, you are still banned as they will match your profile with the IP address, then use the IP for blocking connections.  They give you the IP address message as a head fake to make you think that is all they are using.  The ban is deeper in the technology of your actual machine profile.  Of course there are numerous ways around this.  Further, this is silly to flex their big tech muscles over a request to return $40.03.  As noted above, get a VPN Christian!

If big tech is willing to go to these extremes over so little, what are they willing to do over ideology?   I really don’t care about the $40.03.  I am collecting data on what they can do and documenting it.  Christians must be planning on big tech turning the internet  lights out on us because the capability is there today.  This kind of blocking to prevent you from accessing their site can be applied on a grand scale to include banks, commerce, everything.  This is where AI is going to work.  I am not afraid of AI knocking on the door.  But, AI can track us, ban us, and identify us to those that will knock on the door.  This ban occurred by some technician that just got back from burning man, 5 minutes after receiving the email requesting $40.03.  Think about that, the ease at which they can flip the switches and knock you offline. 

Below was my last attempt to recover my funds from video content purchases that I can no longer view due to a ban.  Notice they say that since I was banned they cannot offer the refunds.  Christian, don’t buy content from these libs because they can steal it back with a smile and tell you to go somewhere else.  As I noted above, you can find millions of ripped, non-original, content on Vimeo.  Here is the entire End Game movie, with a few overlays here and there, but it’s the whole movie.  Here is a full episode of Petticoat Junction.  Everything I uploaded is out there in the Public Domain sphere, and even if Vimeo disagreed, why did my account get nuked?  Ideology only.