Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

CRT’s son.

What is DEI?  Simply put, racism and victimhood. Click the Stossel photo to the left for an explanation.

It is insane.

Sickofantic DEI training from New York.

How DEI is infused into products:

Google programs people to program woke. Bow to Baal or else.

Where did AI come from and what did Google do with it?


Every corporation in America bows to Baal, because if you don’t you will be blocked out of the market place.  For example, State Farm is on the list.  As an insurance company, they don’t produce anything.  All they need is paper and IT.  Do you think they will buy paper from Dunder Mifflin if they don’t sign the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge?  

Tremendous financial pressure is exerted to get companies on this list, have them hire a black executive to run it, then all of a sudden, jobs are going to certain classes of people.  While the language on the agreement sounds all campfire, this program is racist.  There are not many white DEI executives out there.

For Florida to go against the grain on this is nothing less than a miracle.


After years of almost annual pilgrimages to Cinderella’s castle, we wrote off Disney altogether, you should too.


After decades of affirmative action, Fani Wills is produced.

White = Bad

Black = Good

Breitbart Broke it

The racist DA


I am sure all insurance companies are woke to some level.  By State Farm’s own documents, they are woke to the uttermost and partner with pedophile Mickey.  Your premium dollars at work: