Critical Race Theory is Racism and its evil offspring is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion



The Bible instructs the devil will dress in white and pretend to be good.  Don’t all of these words sound virtuous?  However, in application CRT is from the pits of hell designed to fool men and turn races against each other.

Prominent Christians Stand for Biblical Social Justice

CRT is Evil Injustice

God understood social justice before woke ideology perverted it.

An inoculation against the evils of CRT.

Perverting Justice

Social Justice Train Cars of Economics and Racism

Social Justice Train Cars of Egalitarianism, Homosexuality, and Entitlement
Son of CRT
Perverting Justice

CRT is Racism

Any conclusion other than this is racist is intellectually vacant.
Reparations is Racism
If You Are White, Don’t Stop A Criminal