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The research on this site is dedicated to my grandparents that warned me about a future Christian landscape that would be dominated by false preachers. Their discerning eyes saw in the 1970’s false religionists would dominate America only 1 generation later. 

I realize building a page like this will draw criticism that I am only a heresy hunter or other derogatory terms.  That only means there is truth in it.  This site is the Bible applied, and the chips fall where they may when the ultimate truth detector is applied to someones theology.  Everyone should be open to critique and these false religionists are absolutely aware their position runs against God’s word.  Primarily, this site provides a wealth of research information for those wanting to understand the false gospel that permeates the world.

But, we certainly do not live in this area of research.  NavigatorsWay is the path to truth for those seeking to follow the way. 

The size of a movement, even if claimed in Jesus name, has no bearing on the truth behind it.  A fruitful ministry is measured by how well it aligns to truth from God’s Holy Scripture. 

-Southern Cross Underground

“Truth is truth, error is error, and that which is unlawful is unlawful, whether men think so or no. God hath put an eternal difference betwixt light and darkness, good and ill, which no creature’s conceit can alter; and therefore no man’s judgment is the measure of things further than it agrees to truth stamped upon things themselves by God.”.

– Richard Sibbles – 1850