Who Am I?

Outside of God, the answer is illusive

Confidence in gospel doctrine prepares you to remain faithful in the face of the the worlds “empathy” deceit, which in their minds means:

        • an “affirmation” of sin
          • The HRC (a huge LGBTQ+ lobby) published one of the most heretical and dishonest articles ever written that re-interprets scripture to accept open sin.  This is a false gospel.  Matthew 7:21-23 applies to these people.  We pray they repent.  Indeed, anyone agreeing with this article may face the reality of Matthew 7:21-23 on consummation day.  Is woke empathy a good trade for eternity?  When the Bible says fear the Lord,  it is verses like this the Bible is referring.  If you know the true Gospel, conclusions that are outside of God’s will for man as documented in scripture, are impossible.
        • a demand to supersede Christian truth anywhere the world wants “inclusiveness“ and “diversity” (This is a reality in every public learning institution, corporations, and all federal government)


Sympathy and Compassion vs Woke ideology of Empathy, Diversity, and Inclusion:

Christians are called to sympathy and compassion for the sinner.  That is our burden.  The great deceiver has redefined empathy, diversity, and inclusion to eliminate Christian beliefs and redefine truth (which they don’t even believe in) to affirm their sin.  Will you stand on the truth of Biblical authority or affirm their sin?

        • See the Big Eva exploit video below where Joel lays this out for every layperson to understand.
        • John the Baptist was beheaded for calling out publicly the sexual sin of the king.  We live in that day again where the opposition cheers when Christians are computer hacked or worse beaten, and murdered.  We are fighting against morally corrupt violent people.  Not everyone on that side is violent, but more and more are.  And in a cursory review of social media, the nonviolent ones cheer on the violent and become visibly upset at the name of Jesus.  
        • How Christians and non-Christians respond to the culture can be described in the difference between sympathy and empathy.  

Stop the Sexual Holocaust

Hand in hand with the woke definitions of gender is Diversity and Inclusion (CRT).

Emasculated Manhood and Stolen Womanhood

Thrive in a culture of sin

Stop the Sexual Holocaust



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Funding & Redefining Sexual Immorality

How does 3% of the population own all of the culture war?

Disney, Democrats, and other corporations.



Difficult to watch.

Globalists are destroying culture with empathy

Christians should recognize the difference in  sympathy and compassion vs the unbiblical approach of empathy.  This is a key argument of leftists destroying America.

The gender crisis is going further into the gutter in its natural progression to pedophilia.  



Christians will split from false religionists over globalism, CRT, and LGBTQ+ empathy



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Matt Walsh explains the militant nature of the Culture War.


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And Atheists Agree

We are seeing a world that is the result of atheist belief and the worlds leading atheist says, hold on a minute, you atheists went too far.  

And Big Eva, they cheer it on too, excusing sexual perversion in opposition to God’s Word.

This is a Culture war

According to the LGBTQ+ militants.

Only in a twisted worldview is the murderer the victim.

It’s a Militant Point of View

Genesis Science Report

Humanists going after humanists.

Pointing out sin is not judgment.  We must first review and remove unrepentant sin before we speak.   Then when we do speak, we simply point to the Word of God.

God’s Word, God’s Moral Law.


For false religionists such as Andy Stanley you have to ask, by what standard is he condoning open sin?  Since the Bible clearly teaches LGBTQ+ is a sin and Andy denies it, by what standard is marrying an animal a sin?  Particularly since Andy sees us as evolved animals and part of the animal kingdom.



This Page is Not Intended for LGBTQ+ Christian Outreach Evangelism.  This is a cultural watch page for Christians of the true Church.

Message for LGBTQ+ who might  land on this page.

False teacher religionists including Andy Stanley, JD Greer, James Merritt and others have done you the greatest disservice by indicating homosexuality is either not a sin, or something you can continue in and be a member of their worship center. We pray they repent of this sin. 


    The Gospel


Every Christian is dead in their sin before Christ.  Christians are not better than LGBTQ+ people.  We have simply received the free gift of faith from God as He regenerated our heart.  When this happens, God’s moral law becomes real and our sin becomes overwhelmingly apparent. The Bible is a mirror we use to look at ourselves and see who we are as sinners and who Jesus is as savior.

Simply respond to God’s effectual call to repent and believe (Mark 1:15).  Repentance is an immediate effect of God’s regeneration in our heart.  We turn from sin and to Christ.

To be clear, churches affirming, baptizing, and elevating to preach or teach those actively participating in sexual immorality are not of the true body of Christ.  There is no question in the plain reading of God’s moral law, unchanged from the foundation of the world, that LGBTQ+ is sin. Any person presenting you the Gospel absent a turn from sin is teaching a different Gospel than the one given us by Christ and is false. Click The Gospel link for several resources and different presentations of the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ.