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Southern Cross Underground is an application of Biblical doctrines.

Fighting the Demonic Clown show

The lost culture war, globalism, war on words, totalitarianism and the choice between light and darkness:

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Biblical imperative to living an applied faith

Followers of the way apply Biblical doctrine to their lives as the hands and feet of Christ. It’s why doctrine is critical for with bad doctrine, bad life decision pour out.

In the words from the book of James, faith without works is dead. As John MacArthur explained, James suggested non-saving, dead faith, had three marks:

  • empty confession (2:14),
  • false compassion (2:15-16),
  • and shallow conviction (2:18).

In contrast, James then offered illustrations of living faith (2:21-26).

Confidence in doctrine prepares you remain faithful in the face of the the worlds “empathy” deceit, which in their minds means:

  • an “affirmation” of sin
  • a demand to supersede Christian truth anywhere the world wants “inclusiveness” or “diversity“.


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